This page lists some recent articles, media and blogs on withdrawal issues and tapering.


Let’s Talk Withdrawal blog for Mad in America

Blog for the brand new Tapering Strips website

Blog written for MIND


New Scientist discusses Tapering Strips

Article on the Pharmaceutical Journal – Tapering Strips

The Pharmaceutical Journal follow up on Tapering Strips


Spotlight with Stacey Pinkerton, Talk Radio Europe, July 2018

BBC Radio Wales with Dr David Healy, February 2018


Interview on the Peter Breggin Hour, November 2017


Interview on the Mad Wisdom podcast, hosted by Debs Tilley, September 2017


Interview with BBC Radio 5 live, 12 February 2017


Interview on the Anxiety podcast, April 2017

Interview for Bournemouth Buzz, January 2017


Presentations to the Welsh Assembly, December 2018

BBC Wales Today, February 2018

BBC Radio 5 live video segment, February 2017

Victoria Derbyshire, October 2016