Episode 23 David talks about his sanguine view of antidepressant drugs and his own experiences of the mental healthcare system

This week we interview David who has taken antidepressant drugs on and off over the last few years. David talks about his experiences of the mental healthcare system, how he has been supported by his medications and how and why he went about stopping his drugs.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How David feels that it is important to be open-minded about antidepressant medications.
  • How David initially resisted help for depression partly because of the stigma of being labelled but also because of not wanting to be reliant on medications.
  • How David feels that he has done well during antidepressant treatment.
  • David’s records of his mood and his medications that show how many times he has withdrawn.
  • How David has a general feeling that he does not want to rely on antidepressant medication for life.
  • That David didn’t suffer major side effects but did experience electric shock sensations when withdrawing.
  • How David feels that people who are sensitive may be more prone to depression or anxiety and that medication can desensitise you.
  • How David felt that his depression was a creeping thing rather than relating to a specific trauma.
  • How trying to stop cold turkey did cause David to have time off work.
  • That David has tried mindfulness and meditation but found that yoga particularly was particularly helpful.
  • How lots of exercise and being outdoors has also been of great help to David.
  • That people shouldn’t feel that there is stigma around taking medication for their mental health.
  • That people should be aware that there are really no plans to help get people off their psychiatric medications.
  • How David would love some advice to be available when it comes to withdrawing from these medications.

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